Phd/Doctorate Gowns

Doctoral Cap & Gown1


Doctoral Cap & Gown


Doctoral Cap & Gown


Doctoral Cap & Gown


PhD Gowns (Black)

Phd Gowns (Royal Purple)

Phd Gowns (Royal Blue)

Phd Gowns (Scarlet)

Our Multidisciplinary PHD Gowns are made from 100% full polyester and are with an 8” wide full length stripe of high quality velvet. The velvet extends all the way around the back of the neck down the full length of the front.

Our PHD gowns are trimmed with gold rayon cording which provides an elegant look for the incredible achievement of obtaining a PHD Degree.

Our sizes can be ordered per-made in 3” increments starting at 5’0-5’3” to 6’2”-6’5”. Custom sizes can be made upon request.

We have Black Velvet adjustable 6 sided and 8 sided Tams, and available with Royal Blue which is special order. Each Tam comes with a gold bullion tassel.

Please let us know if associates need an extra bullion tassel and we will include one with your order at no charge.

PHD Gown, Hood and Tam Package-$250.00

Package includes the following:
PHD Gown-Please provide Degree color needed Black, Royal Blue, Royal Purple, or Scarlet Velvet.
PHD Hood- Please provide what color of High Quality Satin and Velvet you want for each of these four areas:

Tam-Please provide color and 6 or 8sided Tam. All Tams are adjustable to size.