PhD Gown with Royal Blue Velvet and Gold Trim

PhD Gown with Royal Blue Velvet and Gold Trim


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Doctoral Cap & Gown1


Doctoral Cap & Gown


Doctoral Cap & Gown


Doctoral Cap & Gown


PhD Gown with Royal Blue Velvet and Gold Trim

PhD gowns with a Royal Blue Velvet Accent are awarded for PhD Degrees.
(Please check with your Administrator.)

Our Royal Blue PhD Gowns are made from heavyweight polyester and have an eight inch wide strip of premium velvet in the front panel. The velvet extends the full-length of the gown in front and runs all the way around the back of the collar. These gowns are trimmed with gold rayon cording which provides an elegant look for the ultimate achievement of obtaining a PhD or doctorate in your field of study.

Our sizes start at 5’0” and are available in three inch increments up to 6’5”. Please order the next gown size up to accommodate any full figured candidates.

Please add black velvet or royal blue tams to the order if authorized by your university. Black tams are available in both 6 and 8-sided designs. Blue tams are only available in 6-sided designs. Tams and gowns are both usually available in stock. Our tams are adjustable and come with a gold bullion tassel that is included.

Please let us know if any associate needs to replace their old bullion tassel and we will be happy to include an extra one with your order at no charge.

Doctorate Gown Package $250.00

The Doctorate Gown package includes the following:

  • PhD Gown-a royal blue velvet front, trimmed in gold. The chevrons are outlined with gold trim.
  • PhD hood-the hood is made from high quality satin and the degree colors are trimmed in velvet.
  • Adjustable Velcro Tam-Please specify if you want a 6 or 8-sided tam.
  • Gold Bullion tassel

Please note- The shell of the hood is made of black polyester. The school colors are represented in three bands of satin colors. The primary school color will be the top and bottom color, while the middle color being the secondary school color. The discipline color of the degree is represented in the three inch velvet border that trims the neck and back portion of the doctorate hood.

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5 Ft 0 – 5 Ft 2, 5 Ft 3 – 5 Ft 5, 5 Ft 6 – 5 Ft 8, 5 Ft 9 – 5 Ft 11, 6 Ft 0 – 6 Ft 2, 6 Ft 3 – 6 Ft 5


Black Velvet With Gold Trim, Royal Blue Velvet With Gold Trim, Royal Purple Velvet With Gold Trim, Scarlet Velvet With Gold Trim


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