Faculty Deluxe Masters Gown Package

Faculty Deluxe Masters Gown Package


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Product Description

Faculty Master’s Gown package Includes:

Faculty Gown, Hood, Cap, Tassel w/year tag, Stole, and Honor Cord

Master’s Gown-made of 100% full polyester and the color is Matte Black with flutes on back and shoulders. All sizes can be ordered Pre-made in 3” increments starting at 5’0-5’3” to 6’2”-6’5”. Custom sizes can be made upon request.

Hood- Please provide what color of High Quality Satin and Velvet you want for each of these four areas:
1. The standard fabric of the hood is black.
2. The degree and discipline color in Velvet is the color that trims the hood.
3. 1st school color is the top color and the bottom color of the hood that drapes down the back made of high quality satin.
4. Chevron Color: 2nd school color is the middle color of the hood between the top and bottom color that drapes down the back made of high quality satin.
Your school may have from zero to three chevrons. Please include addition chevron colors if needed.

Cap-Our Traditional Mortar board Cap is 100% polyester in Black Matte color and is adjustable to size.

Tassel for cap- Made of  Chainette Rayon 8” long with a 6” loop and a Year Tag. Please provide color needed.

Additional Information


5 Ft 0 – 5 Ft 2, 5 Ft 3 – 5 Ft 5, 5 Ft 6 – 5 Ft 8, 5 Ft 9 – 5 Ft 11, 6 Ft 0 – 6 Ft 2, 6 Ft 3 – 6 Ft 5

Degree Color For Hood

Drab, Light Blue, Orange, Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Scarlet


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